Rachael Gordon – Property Manager

“Property management is really a secret career people just fall into.” 

Rachael Gordon, Regional Property Manager with Barker Property Management and Commercial Real Estate didn’t plan on going down the path of real estate, but she now describes it as a career she is passionate about. 

Rachael joined Barker on February 3, 2020 bringing 9 years of property experience and knowledge to the company. She spent her first 7 years in residential management and entered the world of commercial management in 2018 as an assistant property manager for a local landlord. In her new role at Barker, she is managing relationships with Barker clients and handling day-to-day property management functions. Rachael was thrilled to take on this role as the next step in her career and looks forward to having a wider range of responsibilities. Rachael brings a new energy to Barker with her outgoing nature and ability to engage anyone in conversation. At Barker, she is most excited about having more interaction with owners and tenants. 

Rachael studied elementary education. After taking a job in residential property management, she realized she enjoyed the day-to-day interactions and problem solving that was inherent in the role. A strategically organized individual, Rachael carries a planner complete with all activities and checklists necessary for her busy schedule. Branden Barker, President and CEO, expressed admiration for Rachael’s ability to coordinate so many activities and knew she would be a great person to bring on with Barker. 

Rachael runs the property management department at Barker, while Branden’s focus is on business development. As a next step, Rachael plans to pursue her real estate license to expand her industry knowledge and better serve clients. 

Originally from Livingston, Rachael is fond of living close to home and currently resides in Denham Springs with her daughter. She is passionate about planning and organizing and is also an active member of Forum 225, Baton Rouge’s largest young professionals’ organization. 

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