Weather The Storm: Prepare Your Commercial Real Estate For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is now underway. Those of us in the southeast know just how bad the wrath of mother nature can be from June 1 to November 30. It’s important to have an action plan and take necessary steps to protect your commercial property from storm damage. Luckily, we have been through this a time or two and there are some easy preventive measures to prepare, mitigate and prevent hurricane damage. 

Review your insurance policy. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Insurance policies are living documents and you should review them annually. Consider how your business changes each year and work with your provider to understand if your coverage needs have changed. Know your coverage benefits and limitations for storm damage. Do you have appropriate flood insurance? Also consider if your tenants have mandatory insurance requirements and can show proof of that insurance. 

Make a disaster preparedness plan. 

Create an action plan and know when to activate it. All employees and tenants should be aware of precautionary measures and key steps to ensure safety. This includes outdoor preparation, such as storing all lose items, as well as protecting indoor property, such as computers and equipment. Store and secure any important paperwork. 

Prepare for storms. 

Take preventive measures to help protect your property. Start with trimming trees away from buildings and securing all outdoor items. Examine all points of potential water entry for any needed repairs, such as the roof, windows and doors. Collect necessary phone numbers for personnel and emergency contacts. Create a shared contact list and a communication plan in the event that staff members are displaced. 

Stock supplies 

Keep a storm supply list handy and replenish items at the start of each season. Consider non-perishable foods in the case that employees become stuck at the office. Be sure to check off storm necessities, including flashlights, first aid kits, portable radios and of course, batteries. Generators come in handy in the event of power loss, and remember to stock fuel should you need to use them. 

For more information on hurricane season and safety steps, visit resources such as and the National Safety Council. Have your own tips for the storm season? Share them with us in the comments! 

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