Employee Favorite Office Perks

Well, 2020 has not been short of surprises. It has definitely been an interesting year to be an office employee. With COVID-19 changing working patterns at the beginning of the year, a majority of companies transitioned to remote work for keeping staff safe and healthy. As offices open back up and some employees transition back into the workplace, employers can make some simple changes to help their workers feel comfortable. It’s also worth providing a few extra amenities to increase morale and productivity. Consider these favorite office perks when preparing your space for workers to return.

Extra Cleaning Supplies

When finding your new normal in the office, showing staff you care about their safety is imperative. Providing PPE such as masks, hand sanitizer, wipes and extra paper towels shows employees their health comes first. Having extra supplies on hand will create a much cleaner environment simply by adding access for individuals.

Good Coffee

Studies have shown that a quality cup of coffee can lead to happier and more productive employees. Coffee breaks are ingrained in work culture, providing a short time for employees to step away from desks for down time and chatting with colleagues. Consider taking it a step further with an espresso machine for fancier coffee house-style beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos.

Meals or Snacks

Encourage employees to take breaks for recharging and refocusing by providing a snack or meal option. In busy work environments, some staff members may be inclined to work through lunch. Provide them the opportunity to step away and destress without having to worry about bringing or picking up lunch. Consider healthy options for those who are also conscious about their nutrition. 


Employer-sponsored wellness programs have been on the rise as companies understand the financial benefits and increased productivity that come with fostering a holistic healthy lifestyle. Physical fitness is a great way to help employees stay in the right mindset and blow off a little steam to increase focus when it matters. Providing a space for employees to easily get their workouts in or subsidizing a gym membership gives a greater incentive for increased exercise!

Meditation Space

Promoting mental health can provide a more positive working atmosphere. Everyone needs balance and a chance to reset at times. Providing a quiet space for meditation or to simply get away from the hustle and bustle of office noise can help spur productivity. Encouraging a moment of relaxation shows employees you care about their wellbeing.

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