5 Summer Maintenance Tasks For Commercial Property Owners


The heat of summer brings us the excitement of vacations, extra fun in the sun and time spent outdoors. And for the south, extra time running those HVAC systems. As the warmth of summer rolls in, it is a great reminder for commercial property owners to check off routine preventive maintenance to keep properties safe and in good condition.

Inspect the Roof

The roof should be inspected twice each year for signs of damage. Heavy rains of spring and summer can bring excess damage to a roof that may already be in a worn state. Roof damage leads to leaks, larger water damage and mold. Before those heavier storms roll in, check for problems such as missing shingles or cracks and holes, as well as signs of water damage inside, including stains on the ceiling. If any issues are uncovered, be sure to bring in a professional for repairs.

HVAC Maintenance 

Summer is the perfect time for routine maintenance to your air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems, ensuring equipment runs smoothly during the summer. Keeping tenants, employees and customers comfortable and cool during hot summer months should be a top priority. Also consider inspecting other mechanical systems, such as electrical systems and water pipes.

Check the Lighting

As people spend more time outdoors when warmer, summer is the perfect time to spruce up outdoor lighting. Adding more lighting, replacing burnt out bulbs and cleaning light fixtures is a great way to spruce up any outdoor space. Also be sure to reset your automatic timers with the sun, as the days are longer and less hours of lighting will be needed.


Professionally-sculpted landscaping is not only pleasing to the eye, it can also help ensure the property is safe and create a welcoming environment. Overgrown grass and landscaping gives a less than desirable impression and may cause hazardous walking areas around the property. Summer is also a good time to prune trees and trim any limbs or areas that may be growing over electrical wires or spreading around other outside equipment, such as air-conditioning systems.

Surface Inspection

Check the exterior of all buildings and anything that surrounds them, including patios, decks, foundations, sidewalks, etc. Look for cracks, holes or discoloration in decks that may show signs of needed repair. Replace any damaged siding and paint the exterior of the building to keep it looking its best.

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