Employee Favorite Office Perks

Keep your employees safe and happy when returning to the office. Read this list of favorite office perks employees enjoy.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

5 Ways Commercial Properties Can Become More Environmentally Friendly  We’ve come a long way as a society with so many advances in engineering, technology and medicine. As areas continue to develop, cities become more inhabited, buildings get larger and energy output increases. While this a great thing for our generation, one thing has also surfaced…

Rachael Gordon – Property Manager

“Property management is really a secret career people just fall into.”  Rachael Gordon, Regional Property Manager with Barker Property Management and Commercial Real Estate didn’t plan on going down the path of real estate, but she now describes it as a career she is passionate about.  Rachael joined Barker on February 3, 2020 bringing 9…

What Is Property Management?

Property managers affect where people live, work and play. A good property manager creates efficiencies in shared spaces and commercial real estate, incuding lowering costs while increasing property value.